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It is time to take the next step in your life.
Change your inner story.  Break your  limitations. Manifest the life you deserve.

7 week group coaching program to awaken your feminine SUPERPOWERS

Are you now reaching a point in life where you feel you could achieve more but you do not know how to break your glass ceiling?

I wanted to create this special offer that would help you play a bigger game, get exactly what want and completely transform your life…

The Way You Think Control Your Results.

If you don’t connect with the real you and get rid of what’s holding you back (AKA the B.S.), you will never achieve what you really want. 
That’s why it’s so critical to have a clear, effective system of cutting through the B.S. when it comes to pushing and working hard to achieve your goals.

Most Ambitious Women Don’t Connect With Their Feminine Power When It Comes To Achieving Their Goals.

Instead, they come up with a practical action plan on how to get what they want and the conscious steps to take, without actually engaging their subconscious thoughts to make sure everything is engaged and working towards the same goal:

Vision boards…
Action plans…
Weeks and months of taking action…
The result? Never truly achieving what they want.

BUT - As soon as you understand what it is you truly want and how to REFRAME your thoughts to bring them in line with your practical actions… 

...You Have The Ability To Achieve Whatever You Want.

This 7-week program has the potential to change your life. It is KEY to identify, striving and achieving your goals, day in and day out, like clockwork.

You need to stop trying to change your environment…Change yourself from the inside and you will transform your life

I know it feels scary or impossible…I hear you, I feel you….I have been there!

I have been working for 20 years in the corporate world as a senior executive female leader, developing in parallel a flourishing coaching and training business, while being a mum of three, travelled the world for work almost every week, moved countries twice and gone through a difficult divorce...all of it with persistency and determination. In order to survive and thrive in all areas of my life, 
I had to push myself to be decision and action driven, brave, doing most alone, 
giving everything I had but forgetting myself along the way...I pushed through thanks to my masculine side but I disconnected from myself and my feminine side. Pushing away emotions, numbing them, to the point that 
I would always put a distance in my relationships including the one with myself. 

After many years of deep soul-searching, endless trainings and working through my own limiting beliefs, I came to uncover my own gifts, my true feminine power that led me to personal freedom and fulfillment. 
Now my mission is to help you reconnect with your soul, your gifts, your true super powers and allow them to shine to the world freely.


 Are you ready to take action? Are you ready to receive as much as you give to others or even more? Are you ready to change your life in just 7 weeks?

You have the power to make a change NOW. And the quicker you will do it the quicker you will see an impact in your life
You will move forward and see results in your life, career, relationships when you first know who you are, what you want, what prevents you from getting what you want AND how to get there

This year, decide to do something for yourself and not only for others

7 week group coaching program to awaken 
your feminine superpowers

STOP BELIEVING THE B.S. 7 week group coaching program to awaken 
your feminine superpowers!
An ultimate 7-week mentorship and training for women who dare to play a bigger role in life, embody their unique gifts, boost their career, transform their relationships, create wealth and optimize their life beyond their expectations!
You will get a full 7-week support and hands-on group coaching sessions based on your own reality and what you want to transform in any area of your life to live the life of your dreams. 

Hear how STOP BELIEVING THE B.S. 7 week program will change your life...

7 week group coaching program will transform your life as you will:

  • Access your subconscious mind and uncover which are the beliefs & behaviors you took from your family, social environment, genetics. Understand who you are really underneath the masks you put to protect yourself. 
  • ​By accessing your subconscious mind with ease and support we have the ability to change your limiting believes and past experiences and reframe them in a matter of minutes 
  • You see a direct impact in your life from the first day. I have seen students attract new income, new clients, take difficult decisions such as moving countries, meet soulmates and attract new job proposals from nowhere...simply because your life is a reflects your inner change! 
  • Be part of an amazing group of like minded friends supporting you along the journey and inspiring you in taking bolder moves.


7 weeks of mentorship to transform all areas of you life

Breakthrough coaching

VIP Extra

Weekly 3 hours of group coaching call to guide you through the 7 Steps and ensure you have all the strategies, skills and support to see a fast impact in your life. Yes, 3 hours because I take time to coach you individually!Weekly group calls deep diving in each step using most powerful skills with proven fast and long lasting results. 

Through the weekly group coaching and specifically the hot seats, you’ll have the chance to ask me any support in your life and have direct coaching. I do not sugar coat and I go deep to bring you the most impact the quickest result.

You will get direct support from me while you navigate your journey, through 1:1 coaching, and 24 hours support through WhatsApp in case of struggle and many more bonuses. Check down the page!


I’ll be there every step of the way to be your partner in optimizing your life just like these wonderful women…

Here is what you will learn to 
transform your life

#1 – Know Who You Are

Many of our beliefs, our thoughts, our identities and our programming are learned behaviour from our parents, our past experiences and society, to name just a few. 

But who are you beyond all of that?

This module acts as the “bedrock” for everything you’ll learn about yourself, your superpowers, your masks, your thoughts processes.

Knowing this information, you can go on to unlock your true feminine superpowers and transform your life beyond all expectations!

 Here's Some Of What You'll Learn In This Module:

  • ​How to properly identify your real identity and connect with your soul, the real YOU.
  • The masks that you’ve put on to protect yourself and why it’s critical to take them off. Learn why they’re there and how to safely let them go.
  • ​How to maximise your unique qualities and values. Identify these and watch your potential for success skyrocket.
  • ​The superpowers that have been within you the whole time and how to let them OUT!
  • ​The one simple concept that every women must understand if they want to have success and achieve their full potential. 
  • ​The ANSWER to the highly-debated question: “Why am I never satisfied?”

#2 – Envision Your Mission

Get ready to completely ’dissect’ your goals! This module will help you achieve the best results by establishing the goals that will give you the most satisfaction and fulfilment.  

In this module, you will learn how to identify what YOU really want for yourself:

  • ​Your unique mission…
  • ​Your life purpose...
  • ​Your vision…
  • ​Your fulfilment…
  • ​Your passion…
  • ​Etc…

The more you can pinpoint your true mission and goals, the easier it will be to achieve them!

This is a critical element that shouldn’t be overlooked! Most ambitious women automatically THINK they understand their goals... but rarely do they take the time to do the deep subconscious work to make it happen!

 Here's Some Of What You'll Learn In This Module:

  • One of the most powerful visualisation tools in all of personal development and how to properly use it to quickly & easily identify what it is you really want!
  • ​How to redesign your goals from the inside out (and actually feel satisfied when you achieve them!)
  • ​How to identify your true purpose in life and feel a new level of drive for what your life is really about!
  • ​How to create your vision that lights you up with fulfilment and passion (without feeling pressure or overwhelm!)
  • ​The secret to IMMEDIATELY start manifesting what you want…. (even if you don’t know what you want or how to achieve it). Do this right from the beginning and watch as everything you’ve ever wanted begins to appear in front of you.

#3 – Clear Your Roadblocks

When pushing for what you really want, your results are dependent on your ability to master your thoughts and most importantly, eliminate any beliefs that are not serving you (AKA your roadblocks).

In this module of the course, get critical questions answered, like:

  • ​​“Why am I feeling unhappy?”
  • “Why do I keep playing small?”
  • ​“Why is it never enough?”
  • ​“Why am I not able to raise my voice and speak freely?”
  • “Why am I so concerned about what others think about me?”
  • “Why am I feeling disconnected from others?”

By clearing the roadblocks and removing the beliefs that are holding you back, you can think clearer, take better actions, make better decisions and achieve even better results. 

 Here's Some Of What You'll Learn In This Module:

  • How to identify the obstacles that have stopped you achieving what you really want for most of your life.
  • ​​The truth behind your subconscious mind and the core foundational beliefs that are keeping you stuck.
  • ​The one limiting belief that is driving every step you take and the results you achieve. Eliminate this and watch as the roadblocks disappear.
  • ​​How to ‘connect-the-dots’ of your belief system and the actions you take in your search for success.
  • ​The reason why you and many women like you struggle to break out of the viscous cycle.
  • ​​The ONE simple word in your vocabulary that is holding you back from achieving everything you’ve ever wanted. Once you’re aware of this, you’ll see everything through a different lens.

#4 – Mastering Your Relationships

Relationships are a key factor in the way we strive for success. 

Many of us actually reject our true power and play small because we subconsciously afraid that it may push people away. 

In order to unlock your true potential, it’s vital to master:

  • Your love relationships;
  • ​Your family relationships;
  • Your friendships;
  • ​Your work relationships;
  • ​and more.

This module answers ALL questions you have around your relationships, many questions you may never have actually asked yourself.

 Here's Some Of What You'll Learn In This Module:

  • The one reason why you’re attracting the same kind of people into your life and how to break the pattern.
  • ​How to upgrade all relationships in your life to fuel your success. 
  • ​The most important relationship to master (the relationship with YOURSELF!). Master this and feel aligned and connected as you manifest your goals! 
  • ​How to attract a fulfilling love partner that supports and encourages your drive for success. 
  • ​6 questions to ask yourself when communicating with others to get the BEST result for everyone.
  • ​The strategic way to deal with MEN that will make every situation a win-win! 

#5 – Career & Wealth

Ready to learn how you can turn your newly uncovered superpowers into wealth? 
You can do it with a powerful 4-part framework known as the 4Cs:

  • ​​Clarity
  • ​Clearing
  • Confidence
  • Co-creating

Discover how to leverage your new beliefs and superpowers and take your career to the next level (without clashing with colleagues, pushing too hard or making many other mistakes that most women make!).
When implemented correctly, you’ll MULTIPLY your results and outcomes, without you having to do any extra work!

 Here's Some Of What You'll Learn In This Module:

  • 4 most important steps to unleash your potential and take your career to the next level (AKA the 4 ‘C’s).
  • ​​How to gain razor sharp clarity on your next career step and opportunity for growth (whether you’re employed or running your own business).
  • ​How to clear any specific power blocks or wealth creation blocks (the most expensive blocks that many women have as a default).
  • ​​The biggest “career-killing” mistakes many women make when trying to level up their career using their feminine power. 
  • The 4 levels of conscious leadership and how to use it to grow your career and wealth. Learn these 4 levels and you’ll never look at your boss or team in the same way again.
  • ​​The BEST way to attract new opportunities that you never would have thought of (I’ll give you the breakdown of steps to take).

#6 – Play The Bigger Game

This is perhaps the most valuable module in this entire course…
You will learn how to take the theory and strategies taught in this course and apply it to play an even bigger game in your life and stretch your goals to the next level.
There are 3 core ways to play a bigger game:

1. Aim For A Bigger Vision That Excites You
2. Strive For Quicker Results To Fuel You
3. Add More Goals To The List To Fulfil You!

This module takes a look at the strategies that have been tested and proven to be MOST effective in taking your life vision to the next level.  

 Here's Some Of What You'll Learn In This Module:

  • ​How to use your new level of awareness to envision your new future and your full potential.
  • 3 powerful questions to ask yourself to reconnect with your purpose and your WHY. 
  • ​​How to exponentially stretch your life vision and strive for your ultimate dream life (without feeling scared or overwhelmed).
  • ​How to replicate this process every year so you can continue to strive and achieve with no limits!
  • ​The concept of Divine Timing and how to utilise this to get the best results for you.
  • The 5 minute strategy to connect with your intentions, embody gratitude for your achievements (before they even happen!)

#7 – Take Inspired Action!

Your actions are the most IMPORTANT asset that you have. Think about it…

At any given time, you can take action, implement a strategy and get the desired result. 

If you have a new goal…
If you have a new relationship...
If you need a change and want to find a new job…
If you need to earn more so you can buy that new home… 

...all it takes is the RIGHT action and you have the power to achieve what you want any time you want.

In this module, you’ll learn one of the most powerful action planning methods in the world today so you can go out and get what actually want, for yourself and no one else!

This one module alone would make for a valuable course by itself.

 Here's Some Of What You'll Learn In This Module:

  • ​​3 most important features of your action plan and the connection between your actions, your results and your purpose. 
  • ​​How to identity the actions needed to achieve the goals you’ve set yourself. 
  • ​How to spot if you’re falling back into the B.S and how to get out of it quickly and easily!
  • ​​The one powerful driver for keeping you motivated and inspired to stick to your action plan. 
  • ​The proven Action Planning technique that’s critical for creating an action plan that’s going to get you the results…(and keep you going when things get tough!) 
  • ​7 key areas to focus on when establishing your action plan to get results across all areas of life!

Bonus #1: 7 x Stop Believing The B.S Workbooks

Reflection is key to any element of personal development and growth.

So, as a bonus to the jam-packed 7 modules, you’ll also get SEVEN downloadable workbooks that you can use as you work through the modules or when you’re on the go and want to take time to reflect. 

Use the exercise and activities to level up your mind, your actions and your results as you break through the B.S and unlock your true super powers. 

Bonus #2: 24 hours access to your own membership area

You have 24 hours access to all sessions. and to your workbooks. It gives you the flexibility to listen as many times as you wish or acess one session you missed.

Bonus #3: Facebook Community

When breaking through the B.S, it’s so important to have a supportive community to help you and keep you on track.

When you get your hands on the Stop Believing The B.S Online Program today, you’ll also be invited to our private community for clients only. 

This is where we keep you on track and accountable (and sometimes help you see the B.S. that may still be playing out in your life).

Join the community and surround yourself with ambitious women just like you who are using their feminine power to breakthrough the limits and achieve everything they ever wanted. 


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PAY IN FULL & save 301 €

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Anything is possible. If they can do it, 
you can do it too

‘Insightful with her wisdom and laser like as she cuts through your old story to awaken a greater version of self. If you are after transformation then I highly recommend Eva Martins.’ 

 - Vanya Silverten from the UK

“ Eva is a true inspiration for anyone who wants to grow professionally or personally. She lives her life with passion, strong determination and with a true commitment to help others to unleash their dreams. 
Eva combines her own personal experiences and wisdom with a lot of training and world class courses she has absolved which makes her a unique coach. Be ready to have fun while you discover a better version of yourself and start seeing the world around you with new eyes!.”

- Myriam Vanscheit, Switzerland

But you might still wonder

You might be contemplating how you can have time for this when you  already have much on your plate right now…

I understand. We are all super busy between our professional lives, our families…. But you see, it’s prioritizing doing instead of being. When are you going to stop and take care of yourself? And put yourself at least at the same level of priority as others.
You have 2 solutions, either:
YOU do not invest time and money in yourself and you continue handling the struggle and suffering as you have been doing
YOU take the decision today to stop the vicious circle.
Because I guarantee you, nobody can do it but yourself! Nobody and nothing can make you feel happy and fulfilled if you do not change your inner beliefs and story.

The only certainty is that if you do not take action then you won’t change your life…and it won’t get better soon…it normally gets worse until we must react…why wait for the worst challenges instead of taking proactive action NOW?

I will guide you and support you throughout the 7 group sessions and beyond. Are you ready?
Then sign up NOW and let’s unlock your full potential starting TODAY!

Stop BELIEVING THE B.S. 7 week program is for you if:

  • You want to unleash yourself and the possibilities you have in life.
  • You feel a calling to play a much bigger game in your career.
  • You want to make a greater positive difference in the world.
  • ​You want to break through.
  • ​You want to let go of your self doubt and fears.
  • ​You want to attract different relationships or evolve the relationships you have in your life.
  • ​You want to have clarity on what is your purpose and how to fulfill it.
  • ​​You want to have fun and be part of a like minded community which will make it so much more fun and easy (and that’s so true!).

Here is an overview of what you get in 
Stop Believing the B.S. 7 week program



PAY IN FULL & save 225 €

1497 €



574 €


PAY IN FULL & save 301 €

1997 €



766 €

“But I am not sure if I should invest 
in myself right now?”

I certainly doubt this. When is the right time? Is there ever a right time? How many times have you put others first before yourself? How many times have you put others' priorities before yours? When are you going to take action for yourself? I hope it will not be too late, as the past is gone and the future depends on the decisions you take today….
The only certainty is that if you do not take action then you will not change your life and it will not get better son. It normally gets worse until you must take  the step. Why waiting for worse challenges to overcome instead of taking proactive action NOW?
Plus, if you join the Break the Glass Ceiling, you are directly supporting some of the most impoverished children in the world who are in need of love, education and support, because 10% of the revenue goes directly to the Cambodian Children’s Fund. And in order to serve, you must be at your best self first.

 When you thrive, everybody wins

By taking this step forward, you are not only helping yourself…You are also helping your kids, your spouse, your team, your business, your financials and much more as you finally make the most of your unique SuperPowers! ​
Imagine how your environment could benefit from it if you would speak freely, increase the family financials thanks to your sudden promotion, deeply connect with your spouse, be open and present with your kids and be happy and fulfilled with yourself. By taking action you inspire other women and men in doing the same. You inspire your kids to go for their dreams instead of playing small.

This is so much bigger than you! You have a chance right now to change the tone of your future, the betterment of your environment, of the people you interact with in your day to day, and of your loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I get recordings if I can’t attend the course calls live?

  Yes the program is designed whether you can attend live or not, and call recording will always be posted right away. You can always ask questions through the Facebook group and get all the support you need.

  • Can I speed up the process and go even deeper?

 Yes you can with the VIP package and get all the support you need

  • I am living outside of Europe. How does the course work for women in different time zones?

 I am glad you are asking the question. The group is an international community of women from all over the world. If the timing of the call does not work for you (every Thursday at 6pm CET), that’s no problem. You will have access to the recording shortly after the call in the members area.

  • Do you have a payment plan?

Yes we do. You can pay in 6 monthly payments for the VIP program: Eu 365/ mth for 6 months.

  • Will the sessions be recorded?

Yes, I do record the sessions in Zoom and you will have access to the recordings in the members area so you can listen to them as many times as you want.

  • Are the sessions face to face?

 The sessions are online through Zoom.

  • For how long can I access the recordings?

You can access the recording within one year, so lots of time to go back, listen again and again to deepen the learnings and increase the impact in your life.

  • How is the STOP BELIEVING THE B.S. 7 week program different from the STOP BELIEVING THE B.S. book?

The book is in no way a replacement of the course – in fact, a lot of students join the course after reading the book. They want to deepen the impact in their lives, have direct support and guidance, learn new content, new exercises and new skills I cannot teach in a book. They want more accountability and support networks to be able to go through the 7 steps to awaken their feminine superpowers. . 

In the 7 week program, we cover the concepts in an interactive manner, with these added benefits:

        - A well-paced 7 week program which allows you to do the exercises with my support, not only mentally but at the level of your subconscious mind for greater impact.

        - I will teach you directly the concepts and skills you need in order to have a direct impact in your life and with added content since the publication of the book.

        - A lot of content or exercises are not easy to do through the reading of a book, we will do it together during the calls

        - You will receive workbooks to allow you to continue the work in between the calls

        - You will have a beautiful community of friends, buddies you can connect with and be supported. You are not alone anymore!

My Bigger Mission

Amazing and brilliant women undermining themselves, holding back, not owning their voice – this has to end!

Everyday I see women unhappy, thinking they are not good enough, not smart enough, sacrificing themselves for others and putting themselves last – this has to end too!
I see too often women (and men), rejecting their feminine power as a way to keep safe and protected. I see them negating their intuition, sensitivity and emotions in order to be successful, but rejecting it is rejecting a big part of themselves. This side of themselves is actually what helps them to take inspired actions without doubts. As leaders, it allows us to raise our empathy level and better lead the teams towards success.
As human beings, it encourages us to feel complete and reconnect with our passion and know what makes us feel fulfilled and go for it. It allows us to be at the driver seat of our life instead of being a passive passenger, allowing challenges to come without knowing how to overcome them.  
The world needs us. The world needs to be more balanced where women and men have the same opportunities, possibilities to grow, express themselves, and act towards the life of their dreams.

My bigger mission is to create a movement where women can start believing in their superpowers more than in the B.S. they might have heard or experienced. By stepping up, we can change the world, starting today!

Choose your best option


PAY IN FULL & save 225 €

1497 €



574 €


PAY IN FULL & save 301 €

1997 €



766 €

Hi I'm Eva

During all my career I have seen women believing they were never good enough, never smart enough, never ready for the next role while men would jump on it. I have seen them struggling, trying to be perfect in all areas of their lives, being a good mum, a good wife, a great professional, an amazing friend…and getting exhausted…and most of the time forgetting themselves along the way.

I know how it feels like…I have been there.
Being a strong corporate woman, a leader, a mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend, and every other role you fulfill is extremely challenging nowadays. I understand. It’s exhausting trying to be perfect in all areas of life: being a sensitive, receptive and guiding mother, empowering our children to be independent kids while keeping them safe; being a nice, caring and sexy wife; and being a go-getter at work. I, for one, felt like I was sacrificing myself almost all of the time.
The environment is demanding, and you feel you need to be at your best every day. 
I felt this way too. And I almost lost myself along the way....

I will never forget the day I woke up and felt that I had no more feelings. There was no feeling of connection anymore. I was doing more and more every day and it was never enough. Everything was a struggle.

I started a new journey of conscious self-discovery, uncovering mind programs, patterns and beliefs which were limiting instead of empowering me. I began to understand the misconceptions of the feminine and masculine powers. I invested in my self-development, which was the best investment I could have done in my life. I was trained by Tony Robbins #1Life and business strategist, Viana Stibal founder of Theta healing® , Brandon Bays founder of The Journey method, Kevin Billet founder of the Visionary leadership Academy, John Grinder founder of NLP, Joe Dispensa, Joe Vitale and many others…These and other elements are all the skills I now share to support women in rising up their game.  

Living and embodying our feminine self-identity, with all its beauty and sensitivity, is in fact much more powerful and fulfilling than always being in your masculine energy. In our feminine energy, we can still be this strong force of nature, taking action and moving forward. In STOP BELIEVING THE B.S. I share how to avoid the same mistakes, pretending being something you're not, rejecting your own inner self.
Looking forward in supporting you

With love


Read this Carefully

STOP BELIEVING THE B.S. 7 week program has no refund policy.
I believe it would help you find excuses for not taking action, for waiting
for others to solve your problems. If it is what you would expect,
then this package is not for you.
STOP BELIEVING THE B.S. 7 week program is packed full of value,
but you need to be willing to take action, to trust the process,
to step up and be fully open to your inner transformation.
It is the only way to unlock your life.

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